Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Mondays: Neighborhood Sound Scape

Istanbul has the most amazing sound scape. We have been taking some short movies on our little camera, trying to capture some of the sounds of the city. We hope to post these sound portraits on Mondays.

Of course, the call to prayer, which happens five times a day, is the dominant aural experience here. Istanbul is a very hilly city, and full of active mosques. Often we hear calls from many different mosques bouncing off the hills, floating over the water, and mingling with the other street sounds. Our small neighborhood has three mosques: one at the top of our hill, one at the bottom, and one that is just a hundred yards away. This video records the mingling of the three calls, along with our neighborhood rooster, a squeaking clothesline, men walking to the mosque, and the other sounds right outside our living room window.

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